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Home / Sailwave Results / 2020 Results / COMPLETED (minor revised 3rd Sept) Sunday August 2020 handicap
Home / Sailwave Results / 2020 Results / COMPLETED (minor revised 3rd Sept) Sunday August 2020 handicap

COMPLETED (minor revised 3rd Sept) Sunday August 2020 handicap

August handicap 2020

Spinnaker Sailing Club

Results are final as of 10:08 on September 3, 2020 (amended Sept 3)


Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Rating system: PY, Entries: 33, Scoring system: Appendix A

LASER178717Ian Hickman 11002.02.01.0(34.0 DNC)39.05.0
LASER173312Andy Musselwhite 11003.0(12.0)
RS AERO72673J Burns 10824.01.04.0(34.0 DNC)43.09.0
SOLO4400Nick Robinson 11427.03.02.0(34.0 DNC)46.012.0
SOLO5327Dick Meredith 1142(34.0 DNC)
LASER178312Thomas Musselwhite 11005.0(11.0)
SOLO5581John Driscoll 114210.0(34.0 DNC)7.5 OOD5.056.522.5
SOLO5838Michael Wilde 1142(34.0 DNC) OOD59.525.5
FIREFLY3895Neil MarshallAmy Butler117211.0(34.0 DNC)
LASER 4.7177924Gaby Burns 1208(17.0)
xenon4801Bob HockhamRoy Price107916.015.0(34.0 DNC)
SOLO5713Duncan Peace 11426.0(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC3.077.043.0
RS AERO91120Jae Jones 1033(34.0 DNC) DNC83.049.0
SOLO5631Les Radford 11428.08.0 OOD(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC84.050.0
LASER182478Robert Marshall 110014.0(34.0 DNC)7.034.0 DNC89.055.0
LASER202523Peter May 110013.08.0(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC89.055.0
SOLO and firefly4384 and 3491Paul Gray 1142 and 11389.013.0(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC90.056.0
LASER216650Rebecca Stubbs 1100(34.0 DNC)17.034.0 DNC10.095.061.0
42011456Please let me know 110518.0(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC12.098.064.0
LASER54512Nigel Wakefield 110021.0 RET10.0(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC99.065.0
┬┤ightning 368258Amanda Jukes 116221.0 OOD(34.0 DNC)13.0 OOD34.0 DNC102.068.0
RS AERO72673Joe Burns 1082(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC34.0 DNC1.0103.069.0
LASER163514paul broadway 11001.0(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC34.0 DNC103.069.0
SOLO4949Rick Taylor 1142(34.0 DNC)5.034.0 DNC34.0 DNC107.073.0
SOLO5896Dave N 1142(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC34.0 DNC8.0110.076.0
LASER208157J Crosser 1100(34.0 DNC)9.034.0 DNC34.0 DNC111.077.0
LASER181711G Rushton 110012.0(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC34.0 DNC114.080.0
LASERNoneSteve 1100(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC13.0 RET34.0 DNC115.081.0
TOPPER Not known 1365(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC34.0 DNC14.0 DNF116.082.0
MIRROR54232G Stones 138015.0(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC34.0 DNC117.083.0
SOLO4132Richard Hale 1142(34.0 DNC)16.034.0 DNC34.0 DNC118.084.0
WANDERER1293Roy PricePaul Naser119321.0 OOD(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC34.0 DNC123.089.0
SOLO5100Keith Smith 114221.0 RET(34.0 DNC)34.0 DNC34.0 DNC123.089.0

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Last updated 15:10 on 3 December 2020

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