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Home / Sailwave Results / 2020 Results / COMPLETED Holman Spring
Home / Sailwave Results / 2020 Results / COMPLETED Holman Spring

COMPLETED Holman Spring

Holman Bowl Pursuit Series 2020

Spinnaker Sailing Club

Results are final as of 10:05 on September 3, 2020 (amended Sept 3)


Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 40, Scoring system: Appendix A

10th June 2020
17th june 2020
24th June 2020
1st July 2020
1stFIREFLY3617Rob SherringtonSherrington Junior1.0(41.0 DNC)
2ndFIREFLY3784Tom Clay 2.0(9.0)
3rdLASER196727Keith McQuillin
4thOPTIMIST5819William Hargreaves (41.0 DNC)
5thSOLO5838Michael Wilde
6thSOLO5327Dick Meredith 5.0(10.0)
7thSOLO5631Les Radford (13.0)
8thSOLO4384Paul Gray 4.0(11.0)11.08.7 OOD34.723.7
9thBYTE C112950Kirsten Glenn RET)65.035.0
10thSOLO3254Dave Swordy 14.08.0(24.0)
11thLASER188199Paul Harris 15.0(41.0 DNC)
12thSOLO4400Nick Robinson 6.02.0(41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC90.049.0
13thRS 200665Andy Musselwhite 17.0(41.0 DNC)
14thRS AERO 70Joe Burns (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC6.
15thTopaz Xenon4801Bob Hockham 21.013.0(22.0)
16thLASER RADIAL195051J Clarke
17thRS AERO91120J Jones 10.07.0(41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC99.058.0
18thRS Feva895Toby SherringtonMel Sherrington11.0(41.0 DNC)7.041.0 DNC100.059.0
19thQ BA996Jason Wright 20.0(41.0 DNC)19.020.0100.059.0
20thLASER RADIAL178717Ian Hickman 12.0(41.0 DNC)9.041.0 DNC103.062.0
21stLIGHTNING 368258Amanda Jukes (41.0 DNC) DNC104.063.0
22ndLASER190847Phil Hargreaves (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC12.014.0108.067.0
23rdLASER171986Jonathon Flegg 19.015.0(41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC116.075.0
24thLASER 4.7177924Gaby Burns (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC18.016.0116.075.0
25thLASER206504M Farmer 16.0(41.0 DNC)23.041.0 DNC121.080.0
26thRS ZEST1Lucy McD (41.0 DNC)16.041.0 DNC24.0122.081.0
27thOPTIMIST5707Oppy? (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC1.0124.083.0
28thSOLO5100K Smith (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC2.0125.084.0
29thTOPPER42340T Sherrington (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC3.0126.085.0
30thSOLO5291E Rogers (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC4.0127.086.0
31stFIREBALL12723Graham Stones 9.0(41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC132.091.0
32ndRS VISION346Phil TinsleyMrs Tinsley(41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC20.030.0 RET132.091.0
33rdLASER182478Robert Marshall (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC11.0134.093.0
34thWANDERER427Roy Price (41.0 DNC)14.041.0 DNC41.0 DNC137.096.0
35thBYTE C113131Colin Cleverley (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC17.041.0 DNC140.099.0
36thWANDERER1729Matt KellyEthan Kelly(41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC18.0141.0100.0
37thOPTIMIST4697What's your name? (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC21.0144.0103.0
38thZEST Charlotte McD (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC25.0148.0107.0
39thWANDERER1293Roy Price (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC26.0149.0108.0
40thZEST Emily McD (41.0 DNC)41.0 DNC41.0 DNC30.0 RET153.0112.0

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Last updated 15:10 on 3 December 2020

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