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Home / Sailwave Results / 2020 Results / Summer Wednesday Pursuit
Home / Sailwave Results / 2020 Results / Summer Wednesday Pursuit

Summer Wednesday Pursuit

Summer Cup Pursuit Series 2020

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Spinnaker Sailing Club

Results are provisional as of 21:10 on August 6, 2020


Sailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 55, Scoring system: Appendix A

15 July
22 July
29 July
Race 4
5 August
1stSOLO5327Dick Meredith
2ndBYTE C113298Duncan Glenn RET32.032.0
3rdLASER181711Guy Rushton
4thSOLO5631Les Radford
5thLASER182478Robert Marshall 9.010.3 OOD15.07.041.341.3
6thRS AERO91120J Jones OOD45.345.3
7thSOLO5713D Peace 56.0 DNC7.
8thLASER190847Phil Hargreaves DNC76.076.0
9thLASER178717Ian Hickman 56.0 DNC14.
10thLASER196727Keith McQuillin 3.056.0 DNC2.021.0 RET82.082.0
11thSOLO3254Dave Swordy 56.0 DNC6.
12thSOLO4384Paul Gray DNC89.089.0
13thSOLO5838Michael Wilde 24.7 OOD9.09.056.0 DNC98.798.7
14thLASER RADIAL195051J Clarke 15.056.0 DNC19.013.0103.0103.0
15thBYTE C112950Kirsten Glenn DNC104.0104.0
16thSOLO5100K Smith 56.0 DNC3.026.0 RET21.0 RET106.0106.0
17thRS 200665Andy MusselwhiteThomas M56.0 DNC23.018.012.0109.0109.0
18thFIREFLY3784Tom Clay 1.056.0 DNC7.056.0 DNC120.0120.0
19thFIREBALL12723Graham Stones 4.056.0 DNC30.0 OOD30.0 OOD120.0120.0
20thTopaz Xenon4801Bob Hockham DNC10.0121.0121.0
21stOPTIMIST5815William Hargreaves DNC123.0123.0
22ndZEST1Lucy M DNC123.0123.0
23rdRS AERO92763J Burns 11.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC2.0125.0125.0
24thQ BA996Jason Wright DNC15.0126.0126.0
25thSOLO4400Nick Robinson DNC56.0 DNC135.0135.0
26thZEST3Emily M DNC138.0138.0
27thLASER206504M Farmer 56.0 DNC18.012.056.0 DNC142.0142.0
28thLASER54537Stuart Willes 56.0 DNC12.056.0 DNC21.0 RET145.0145.0
29thWANDERER1293Roy Price 22.056.0 DNC14.056.0 DNC148.0148.0
30thWayfarer 56.0 DNC27.056.0 DNC21.0 RET160.0160.0
31stTOPPER48245Christine Wells 56.0 DNC26.024.056.0 DNC162.0162.0
32ndFIREFLY3617Rob SherringtonMel Sherrington2.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC170.0170.0
33rdLIGHTNING 368258Amanda Jukes 56.0 DNC17.056.0 DNC43.0 OOD172.0172.0
34thLASER 4.7157517C McDonald DNC56.0 DNC172.0172.0
35thLASER202523Peter May 56.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC5.0173.0173.0
36thLASER54512Nigel Wakefield 56.0 DNC5.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC173.0173.0
37thTOPPER43354Please let me have your name 56.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC8.0176.0176.0
38thFIREFLY3620Richard Bickford 56.0 DNC56.0 DNC13.056.0 DNC181.0181.0
39thFIREFLY3895Neil MarshallAmy Butler56.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC14.0182.0182.0
40thENTERPRISE33167Russell 17.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC185.0185.0
41stLASER 4.7177928Gaby Burns 18.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC186.0186.0
42ndRS VISION McC?? 56.0 DNC19.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC187.0187.0
43rdRS200 Andy Musselwhite 19.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC187.0187.0
44thOPTIMIST4697Finlay McC 56.0 DNC20.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC188.0188.0
45thRS VISION100Jo Fordham 21.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC189.0189.0
46thLASER RADIAL R Stubbs 56.0 DNC22.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC190.0190.0
47thRS Feva845T SherringtonR Sherrington23.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC191.0191.0
48thOPTIMIST6528Orson S 56.0 DNC24.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC192.0192.0
49thBYTE C11 Colin Cleverley 26.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC194.0194.0
50thHansa2293Andy Holmes 27.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC195.0195.0
51stHansa2550Steve Kitson 28.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC196.0196.0
52ndTOPPER P Steedman 31.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC199.0199.0
53rdRS ZESTNoneA Stubbs 56.0 DNC32.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC200.0200.0
54thMIRROR32228Adrian Lucas 33.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC201.0201.0
55thLaser stratos Please introduce yourself 34.056.0 DNC56.0 DNC56.0 DNC202.0202.0

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Last updated 20:27 on 6 August 2020

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